Wrote, Illustrated, Self-Published a Book, “Believe” | Now Available

Believe, a 256 page debut book, is a collection of noose breaking stories and horrible illustrations. It was conducted between a handful of creative friends, professional artists, business owners and talented midwestern misfits who find social media and the internet to be a polluted playground for artistic expression, entertainment, electronic emotions, false information, abbreviated grammar, accented pound signs and overly proud, gregariously vapid opinions. Blammo!

“Believe” is available now to hold in your hands.  It does not require batteries or an overnight charge if you opt to purchase a printed version. In that case, a few trees have been destroyed to soak in ink for your reading entertainment. It will bring you great joy (or anger and confusion, etc.), plastic seated warmth and a daily-bowel-movement-reading-option at all hours for the rest of your life. You’re welcome.

How to purchase:

life-artners-logo-200Believe is also the inaugural release by Life Artners Publishing.

I’ve more to add, but it’s all in the book, including the sexy adult bedtime story I wrote about my metal friend, Simbo, in 2007.

Believe, by rkfdnewsAW

Wrote, Illustrated, Self-Published a Book, "Believe" | Now AvailableAndy Whorehall

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