Silent Kit

I’ve been composing little songs for 16 years under the songwriting moniker, Donkey Boy (USA).  As of August 2012, this project is officially over. A new project name will replace dBUSA for a formal release.  

Projects for other artists have put 400+ soongs on standby for most, if not all, of the past decade and a half. Only 55 survived the cut in late 2011.  Songs recorded between 2007 – present included on the final track-listing include appearances by members of many midwestern bands who have helped throw down some tracks on occasion. Popular music-e-zine, Captain’s Dead, said some nice things about a collection of songs that were leaked a long time ago, click here.

The tentative title of the two volumes release will be called “Low Hanging Fruits & Vegetables: Songs about you, me, and everyone else”.  Two volumes, 13 tracks each, have been selected from 16 years worth of demos.  The final selections were graciously selected and sequenced by Cameron McGill in the summer of 2012.  His ears and time provided support with the final 55 songs I dug up from cassettes, old drives and what nots in late 2011.

There are many songs I’ve composed that will not see a formal release, but a possible third volume may see a release as well.  Listen to the original song above, “Low (The Popcorn Song)”; it will not be available on the first two volumes if that’s any indication to anyone who’s wondering what’s been put aside again.

A version of “I.M. Merica” was recorded by The Pimps, and released on their 2010 record, “F*ck This Sh*t, We’re Outta Here.
Have a listen, they gone done this up right and raunchy:


Here are some videos of songs I wrote that the great Marty Scorsese* directed.


Visit Donkey Boy (USA)’s Website for less info.

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