Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts — Heavy Metal

Provided creative direction to the 2016 release, “Heavy Metal,” by Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts. Available on Vinyl, CD, and digital on April 29th, 2016.

Art Direction by Andy Whorehall
Photography by
 Nels Akerlund
Design by Dave DeCastris
Spiritual Guidance by Lord Thomas Derby

Heavy Metal marks the seventh recorded release by Miles that has provided creative direction and production for since 2005, which includes:
“H.M.S. – Winter EP 05” – 2005
“Little Bird,” – 2007
“Miles” – 2009
“Presents The Rusted Hearts” – 2011
“St. Louis Sessions” – 2012
“Live In Rockford” – 2014

Here’s to many more— pet puppies,


Miles Nielsen and The Rusted Hearts IMG_2165

MN&TRH_Strangers_1b MN&TRH_Strangers_1c MN&TRH_Strangers_1d Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRDarkLord_Andy-Whorehall Miles-Nielsen_Heavy-Metal_PR4b Miles-Nielsen_Heavy-Metal_PR4c Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRBill_Andy-Whorehall Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRMiles_Andy-Whorehall Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRJeff_Andy-Whorehall Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRDan_Andy-Whorehall Miles-Nielsen-TRH_Heavy-Metal_PRDave_Andy-Whorehall MN&TRH_Strangers_1a

Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts — Heavy MetalAndy Whorehall

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