Low Hanging Fruits for Local Elitists: Gallery, Spring 2011

Low Hanging Fruits for Local Elitists!
Starring in the Andy Whorehall Production,
Science: How much is your lost time worth?

There are few phrases that cause my nerves to grate like nails on a chalkboard, and “low hanging fruit” is one of them. Here we have a collection of miniature illustrations that have been improperly influenced by having to tolerate so many self-entitled, local elitist-peasants over the past few years.  Politicians, business bozos, and a few fellow artists.

Ponies, actually; they’re all ponies—which is the next level of ignorant consciousness that low hanging fruits sink to.

These were available to see and purchase for thousands of dollars at during the citywide Spring ArtScene, 2011, in Rockford, IL. Each illustration has already been claimed or gifted to supporters of my online store items.  If you would like an archival print of, say, my banana or a tiny white man’s penis, please contact me through my contact page form and I’ll make it happen for you.

You’re the best. Pet puppies and sever snakes,



Low Hanging Fruits for Local Elitists: Gallery, Spring 2011Andy Whorehall

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