King Of The Demons

Fellow midwestern artist, Jesus Correa, asked me to dress up one of many bands (King Of The Demons) that he has performed with, fronted, etc.,  with a particular doggie, a pentagram shield resembling the anti-Captain America along with some old fashioned fun.

I created such to his (and my) entertainment, but one of his bandmates didn’t quite agree with its original–hmm–tone?  Was it the monster cock stuffed inside of the superhero red panties?  Could it have been the beheading of Michelangelo’s “David”?  How about the pentagram shield?  I think it was the monster cock stuffed inside of the superhero red panties, but let’s go with tone.

This was fun either way to produce something for a fellow artist I highly respect.  It ended up becoming something slightly safer on a tee (Captain Puppie’s head only) that you can buy directly from Jesus, click here to contact him.


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King Of The DemonsAndy Whorehall

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