Joie De Vivre – North End Contest – 2014

Update / April 22nd, 2014
Winners:  Lane Lessman and Jay Miller
Here is the video link to the pulling of the names:
Please send me your snail mail addys to [email protected]


Update / April 10th, 2014:
 Contest ended.  You met a few goals, not all.  Nice job!
2 names of winners will be pulled from a hat and posted here and on Facebook, Twitter and Instacrap sometime in April 2014 to receive their limited JDV prints.
Stay tuned and thank you!



Here’s contest #2 for 2014.  Joie De Vivre, a wonderful rock band from Rockford, IL (though largely accepted elsewhere, for the best), has released a few records and the last 2 I’ve provided art direction with custom film photography and illustrations. It’s time to part with #1/6 and #2/6 of Joie De Vivre’s “The North End,” from the limited archival ink print series featuring the JDV paper airplane.

(It’s been in my store for awhile but I think their fanbase is too poor to afford anything but shitty beer, tattoos, ironic T-shirts and straight legged jeans. That and art simply sucks, right? Right. Don’t believe me?  Stare at a few of Monet’s haystacks for an hour and then have a four hour critique with “like minds.”)

In honor of celebrating more of nothing and a whole lotta time wasting with work in every direction possible, here are your goals to reach to win #1 and #2 of 6 limited prints of The North End:

> Get my facebook page over the 4k goal by March 30th, 2014 to win #1/6.  

>> Get my facebook page over the 4500 goal by March 30th, 2014 to win #2/6

>>> BONUS:  Get the facebook page over 9k to win the original 4″ x 6″ graphite with ink sketch of the JDV paper airplane.  Hell, it’s so f*cking small I’ll even matte, frame and insure it during shipping for you, too.

How will I pick the winners?  Leave a comment here on this page that you fake liked the page and shared it, or leave a comment on my page.  Easy.  You win, I lose again, okey dokey.  Good luck and pet some puppies.


Joie De Vivre – North End Contest - 2014Andy Whorehall

19 comments on "Joie De Vivre – North End Contest – 2014"

  1. Daniel Jesse on

    Totally liked and shared it. Keep up the great work.

  2. leor miller on

    hi i did this

  3. Lane Lessman on

    Liked and shared!

  4. John Bennett on

    Hey, just liked and shared! Love the artwork!

  5. Liked. Shared. Love your work, my friend. Would love to add one of these to my JDV collection!

  6. Bradley Morgan on

    I liked and shared brother! I wish you luck, they are beautiful pictures!

  7. William McCann on

    im drunk and high and this is as beautiful as Joie De Vivre music

  8. Joie De Vivre is sick like the mumps SON! I also really dug the stuff you did for the La Historia EP and posters etc.

  9. Hi I like art and Joie De Vivre and The North End!!! I also liked your FB page mostly because “Andy Whorehall” but also because art. Sweet contest and killer artwork. Seriously this time.

  10. Kristen Raffaele on

    Did it!

  11. I did it but it made me feel dirty inside

  12. Did it and I’m glad too! Excited to keep seeing your work.

  13. Done and done. Keep up the great work!

  14. David Rzeszutko on

    I have this airplane tattooed on the back of my arm. I am indeed too poor now to actually buy the print.

  15. Kevyn Morgan on

    Liked and shared!

  16. Jenny Morgan on

    I did it 🙂

  17. Thomas Cleary on

    Liked and shared. Love the work mate 🙂

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