City of Rockford Arts Stuff Application

Do you like art? Is exemplifying pride in everything you say, but can’t do, your favorite skillset? Are you pretty good at doing internet, making Facebook posts, and creating designs in Microsoft Excel? How about Corel Draw? Are you a great phone photographer on Instagram? Are you in love with my village, the City of Rockford? Be an arts organization director! Fill out the form to see if you qualify.

We are always in need of additional public art charities to funnel state and federal grants to around downtown Rockford in order to employ and finance our network of friends that own downtown properties and Marketing / P.R. service firms.

Please fill out the form below to see if you qualify for being a member of downtown’s PROUD megalomanic public and private arts movement– then I’ll decide if you’re incapable of perfectly operating another City of Rockford arts organization aimed at restoring civic pride. #lol

Remember:  If you can manage to accomplish something that emotionally benefits everyone except our community’s working-class artists, you’re going to win a decent paying city arts job!


City of Rockford Arts Stuff ApplicationAndy Whorehall