You are correct, Andy Whorehall is not my real name. You get a cookie.

“Andy Whorehall isn’t his real name.”
– Mister Meerasaké

I’ve seen the comments from the peasants in poor villages like Rockford, IL. To answer yawl looking for attention, you are right; and neither are these names:

Slats Grobnik
Bob Dylan
Stan Lee
Dr. Seuss
George Orwell
Ayn Rand
Dr. I.M. Kookie
Mark Twain
Axl Rose
Frank Black
Marilyn Manson
Elton John
Dee Dee Ramone
Johnny Ramone
Joey Ramone
Richie Ramone
Marky Ramone
Mister Meerasaké

Andy Warhol

The list goes on. All pseudonyms; all created by humans with the creative rights to do as they wish with their work.  I have a longer list but this should be enough to prove anyone’s stalking interest correct- since, that’s all you want to prove if you’re here to wonder, ask, instruct, judge or condemn. You get a cookie, but you better share; I don’t have enough to feed all the peasants from where I’m from.

The fortunate creative aspects of being born into a close-minded, repressed, American community that lacks overall culture and appreciation for the arts (of all medias) is that there is an endless well of inspiration to absorb from. Artists have the only rights to be who they want to be; most of you do not.

Yet, we are consistently on the receiving end of being critiqued and judged by lesser minds: Amateurs, ponies, teachers, politicians and whatever–they have many names. Being judged is a silent code, rite of passage, that is chosen for artists to carry around with them; and it’s an honor. What you do with that weight is the trick. Some ignore it, others put it back into their work. Freedom to do, say and challenge lesser or like minds.

Artistic expression is not respected in American communities that lack overall culture and appreciation for the arts (of all medias). Many reasons for this problem, but it ultimately starts at home.

Minion minds amongst us will occasionally cry foul in the artists direction, but that is because they’re bored and have no other purpose in life besides reproducing or controlling over others who may or may not end up like them. It’s entropy in effect at its most miraculous. Quite sad, actually; moo moo, wah wah, ha ha.

Let’s all bow down and look up to the sky to thank the universe for the free inspiration that the idiots amongst us create for us to inhale, taste and spit back. Let the evil in, but don’t swallow.

(That’s what she said that he said or whatever. #EMDR)

Pet those puppies, y’all!


Andy Whorehall

You are correct, Andy Whorehall is not my real name. You get a cookie.Andy Whorehall

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