OATES Tee | Crowd-Funding Campaign Raises Money For MusiCares.org

Updated: August 8th, 2014
MusiCares received our donation, see photo below.

Thank you to you 24 buyers of the OATES Tee,


Hello all,

Thank you to the 24 people, buyers of the Oates Tee shirt, who helped make this failed campaign of 500 pre-order shirts (a goal I set with hopes of us donating more, because of a larger profit breakdown at that quantity ordered) a strange success for charity still.

Also, thank you to John Oates’ 80s face. Few people can sport a ‘stache like Oates has and get away with composing brilliant pop songs with his friend Daryl to soundtrack our (my) youth.

If you actually read down this far, please let me know who actually purchased OATES (Teespring won’t tell me) in the comments below; or post a pic of yourself in the OATES tee when you receive it on my Facebook page, click here. 

I received confirmation from Teespring yesterday that we raised $209.65 in profits earned from those 24 shirts bought still; which breakdowns to $8.735 per shirt after printing and shipping expenses are covered by Teespring.com.  

Your shirts should be arriving the last week of July / first week of August, 2014.  (I received mine today, July 26th, and have been notified by 2 other buyers in the midwest that they did as well.)

Teespring Dashboard - Profits OATES

I want to thank those that contributed towards this cause by forgoing whatever sales/Tee profit goals I set up during the campaign by donating 100% of the profits earned by those 24 shirts ordered to MusiCares.org.

I had hoped to donate to their “Staying Healthy” plan, but we didn’t raise enough. We earned enough to contribute to a single “Daily Dose” plan with leftover dollars being considered a general donation, but I’ve made the decision to make a general donation to MusiCares once the funds from Teespring clears next week. Learn more about MusiCares.org by clicking here.

Not bad for a failed* campaign with no legs or ad dollars behind it but accomplished with social sharing and crowd funding. *Part of its strange success was Teespring.com’s glitch in doing so, which they explained to me via email yesterday once the campaign was printed and shipped and profits were figured out, see screen capture below. They made a mistake on 2 of my campaigns and actually ate the loss themselves on the other failed campaign to deliver shirts to buyers regardless.

(If you’re wondering who Dave is, be the rabbit, eat the carrot and enjoy your stalking on the internet. Dave’s not here, man. ; )

I intend to take this easy little lesson and grow it, because look at what we did without the influence of scumbags or having to leave our house thanks to your financial contributions in exchange for a custom designed Tee no one is going to get anywhere else, while giving to charity.

Thank you again.  Bye bye and pet those puppies,


Andy Whorehall Teespring Email Explanation - Screenshot

OATES Tee | Crowd-Funding Campaign Raises Money For MusiCares.orgAndy Whorehall

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