Margot & The Nukes Contest – 2014 – Free Art

UPDATE – March 23rd, 2014
Leann Bescript and Marília Leão, congrats, you two are the winners of #49 and #50 of “Rot Gut, Domestic,” a limited series of 50 first edition archival ink prints signed byMargot & the Nuclear So and So’s and me in 2012. I have #s17-48 still available, I think, once they’re gone that’s it. They can still be purchased at:

UPDATE – Feb. 19th, 2014
The contest ended at midnight on Feb. 14th, 2014, Valentine’s Day.
 None of the goals and rules were met 100%, however:  Facebook and Twitter goals were crushed–nice job–but LinkedIn and Instagram goals came up short to qualify for any rewards.

Not to be a complete jerk for those of you who helped crush the Facebook and Twitter goals below, I’ll give away 2 signed limited archival ink prints out of the original 5 I promised, #s 46-50.  They’re signed by each member of the band that recorded “Rot Gut, Domestic,” and certified/numbered by me.  I’ll pick the winners from a hat and document it with a video online after I do my best to collect all the names who participated and left me comments at all the social media links provided to qualify.  I’ll announce those winners end of Feb / early March 2014.

NOTE:  In baseball, hitting 2/4 every game for an entire season averages out to batting “.500”.   It is considered an easy entrance into the Baseball Hall of Fame; no one has achieved that goal yet, however, very few tickled the “.400” mark and are in the Hall of Fame.  In life, succeeding at 2/4 goals a day, means you fail big time and you need to learn better, try harder, or simply put most often, “You’re fired.”

Anyway, pet a puppy,



Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s is releasing the beautiful “Sling Shot To Heaven” (PRE-ORDER CLICK HERE NEED BE) this spring, so I’m throwing a ROT GUT ART CLEARANCE CONTEST. You have till February 14th, 2014, midnight, to achieve these goals below to win signed artwork by the band and I. All you have to do is follow the rules and share this contest to qualify to win–sign your name in the comments section below, or on the Facebook page post (you can’t miss it, top of the page), and good luck, y’all!


1) Get my Andy Whorehall | dD facebook page to 2,500 imaginary “Like”s, my Twitter & Instagram accounts to 500 fictional followers, and my agent’s LinkedIn to 600 connects and I’ll give away (5) “Rot, Gut, Domestic” archival ink prints–signed by the entire band with me in 2012 and numbered, limited, only 50 exist.

2) Get my Andy Whorehall | dD Facebook page to 5,000 Page “Like”s, my Twitter & Instagram accounts to 750 fictional followers, my agent’s LinkedIn to 700 connects and I’ll also give away the prints plus (1) of the original ink sketches of artwork from the making of Margot’s ‘Rot Gut’ record: Tobacco Free (Original, Signed By Band).

3) Get my Andy Whorehall | dD page to 10,000 drunken “Like”s, my Twitter & Instagram accounts to 1,000 followers, my agent’s LinkedIn to 1,000 connects and I’ll give away all of the above prizes as well as an original graphite illustration produced for Rot Gut, Domestic: “Rot Gut: Brains (Signed By Band and me). 22.5″ x 30” / A $1492.00 value, the year Christoper Columbus discovered my ocean blue.

Here are the links to make it happen if you didn’t click on the multiple hyperlinks above:




LinkedIn may ask for my agent’s email to confirm the Friend Connection request because LinkedIn is snotty:
[email protected]

Who qualifies to win?
Everyone that follows the rules above, connects with all of the above links, leaves their name below in the comments, and shares this post.

That’s that. Everyone has a chance to win but me while I continue to lose more of my precious little babies to you while we all celebrate more of nothing on the internet together.

(Why would I do this you wonder? It’s simple if you think about it for a few hours while reading a book that doesn’t require batteries.

You see, I enjoy wasting more of our time on the internet together. For me it’s research to create more garbage in the future with my hands before the sun turns off and the satellites drift away while server grids collide leaving many of us helpless, cold, and reliant on our own survival skills. Skills that are far removed from internetland. Do you feel me? You don’t? Think about it.

I’m sick and fed up with all of you; your lack of passion, drive, and abilities to use your own brains, eyes, hands and feet to do anything for yourselves without counting on Lady Mac or the internet to guide you. Shame on you; you dirty, worthless, breeding organisms. Come on! Get good and angry with yourselves! Now do you understand? Good! Moving on towards the end of everything.

The freezing of our data, bodies, minds, and all of the piles of art I can get rid of here in the studio is necessary for survival to clear up some space in the freezer, or in my head before the next ice age arrives. Entropy is winning, we can’t avoid the end. It is coming and science says so if you’re paying attention to the sun. What have you given the sun today? What has the sun given you? Thought so.)

Now go on out there with your laptops, smartphone and tablet devices, and share away to win– don’t forget to charge your batteries!

Be good at internet and pet some puppies,

AW | dD
Free Music:

Margot & The Nukes Contest - 2014 – Free ArtAndy Whorehall

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