2014 Contest #3 – Oink, Oink – Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Updated:  July 13th, 2014

Alrighty, here is your winner!

Congrats, Ken Sumka.  You've won "Oink, Oink."

Congrats, Ken Sumka. You’ve won “Oink, Oink.”

Ken, please contact me with your snail mail address at:
[email protected]
: )



Series 1  of Oink, Oink Produced by Andy Whorehall and Javier Jiminez - 24" x 18" - 2010/11. Only 12 were produced for Milles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts - Unavailable

Series 1 of Oink, Oink Produced by Andy Whorehall and Javier Jiminez – 24″ x 18″ – 2010/11. Only 12 were produced for Milles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts – Unavailable

Above is AndyWhorehall.com’s 10th year anniversary contest – #3:  Oink, Oink” for Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, #2/12 is being given away for free.  It comes with a special letter from my agent, Lord Thomas Derby, along with a bunch of mind litter to lead you deeper into the rabbit’s hole.

Only 12 of these shown above have been produced, sized 19″ w x 12.5″ h.  This is a 2nd series limited archive ink print.  

(The original 1st series / 12 screen prints, sized 24″ x 18″ / were produced with screen print master / guerrila / fine artist Javier Jiminez and have been unavailable since 2010/2011, see photo > right. Javi is a bad ass artist in his own right that you should seek out.)

Rules for the contest:

Leave a comment below on this page–and share this–or leave a comment on my facebook page post matching this contest (click here).

It doesn’t matter, take a shit with my fake name on Twitter or Instagram if you must but at least give me a heads up in the comments below that you did such so that you have a chance to win.  Easy.  You win, I lose again, okey dokey.

Once I get to 108 or 1014 comments or shares or likes by Sunday, June 8th, 2014whatever, there are no real rules, this is the fucking internet for Christ’s sake and nothing said should be believed unless you’re a citizen from Rockford, IL, where everyone believes hopeful bullshit like it’s been passed down from the heavens above to save the poor peasants from their own desperation to have salvation passed on to them for free, YOU$A™I’ll collect the names and pull one from a hat and contact you.  Chances are I’ll pick a runner-up and select one or two names for miniature print kicks.  Good luck, your fate is in your hands = #ELOHEL

Good luck. Now go on out there on the internet and eat some pizza or pet some puppies.


2014 Contest #3 – Oink, Oink - Miles Nielsen & The Rusted HeartsAndy Whorehall

30 comments on "2014 Contest #3 – Oink, Oink – Miles Nielsen & ..."

  1. pete bochek on

    Pick me!! Pick me!!

  2. A pirate with a steering wheel attached to his belt walked in to a bar. The bartender asks the pirate whats up with the steering wheel. The pirate replied, “Arrrr…it be driving me nuts!’

  3. Solid stuff. I like winning shit and stuff also. And.. Guido sent me. Stay creating!

    EL dot Kay dot Dubya
    Artist / Designer / Owner / Apparatus stuffer / Mayor of West Falls
    The West Falls Creative Company

  4. How many megalomaniacs does it take to transform a city? None.

  5. A joke? Equality.

  6. Breann Neal on

    Love it! Beautiful work. Would look great over my fireplace. 🙂

  7. My daughter turns 16, June 1st and she loves Miles! I mean, was blown away last summer, when I took her to a festival. Great birthday present and plus, I need to replace her “One Direction” print. It’s time. Seriously, it’s not for me. Wouldn’t replace my “Bread” blacklight poster for all the David Gates tea in China…thankyou very much.

  8. interesting 😉

  9. I’m not in a joking mood. Yay! Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts merch. 🙂

  10. Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine.

  11. Great print!

  12. Warren Quella on

    What do you get when you cross an elaphant with a rhino ? Elliphino.

  13. Vigorously petting these puppies.

  14. Winning of this would be most desirable.

  15. Julie Cain on

    Miles, you are HOT! Come back to Columbus soon!!

  16. cyndi hlavin on

    where can you find rusted hearts… a waterfall.. a beautiful garden pizza wine and hundreds of people on the grass?
    Anderson Gardens “)


  18. Shecky Poon on

    I’m a whore. I’ll do anything for … …a print.

  19. I have no joke to offer but I want to win.

  20. Christina Santini on

    I like winning your crap. It’s good neat crap. So pick me… Or else!

  21. Fun contest. Do it again!

  22. Dale Pautzke on

    I thought you made music! What’s this? Miles above the rest? Ok, even Dylan is a painter.

  23. Ernie Burton Jr. on

    Lippy rules.

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