Artist Summary

Lost Cowboy, by Dave DeCastris and Andy Whorehall for Trapper Schoepp, Rangers and Valentines


Illustration_By_Andy_Whorehall058There are no deeper meanings within my work just as there are no fucks left to give within my life.  Art imitates life as it imitates death. Should there be any confusion, wonder, emotion and enlightenment to be found inside my work, or on its surface, consider such to be a huge fucking mistake.

I am doing what I was born to do; the road was chosen for me and the work created on this road is to be left behind, destroyed, judged, fingered, burnt, humped, shredded, soaked, punched, licked, stolen and resold. Should there be any remnants of respect for anything that I create—again, consider such to be a huge fucking mistake.


Everything I produce is a huge fucking mistake that holds no earthly value. Everything. Should there be a financial exchange containing my physically created documented ideas and your hard-earned (or lazily granted) money—again, consider such to be a huge fucking mistake.

Illustration_By_Andy_Whorehall062Lastly, the English alphabet contains 26 letters. Art is composed of three letters:  a, r, and t. However if you add my favorite letter, F, from the English alphabet to the beginning of “Art,” it becomes a word that mostly likely defines my entire career as an artist:  Fart. See how easily art becomes fart?

Like I said, there are absolutely no fucks left to give and my work clearly proves such. Should you think otherwise for one second—again, consider such to be a huge fucking mistake.








Artist SummaryAndy Whorehall